Succubus Again

This kinky story with fantasy elements is going to tell us to a dude who somehow were able to summon the succubus in order to be real some of their fairly intriguing sexual dreams. And if you think that he only dreamed to fuck some sexy looking slender chick then you are mistaken - really he wants to convert into sexy appearing slender chick by himself! Or was that he wished the succubus to transform in the model from magazin cover and also this catchy succubus has move it wrong? The texts are in japanes so most likely it's possible to consider the background story in your (or you may read and find out the true story if you know the terminology) but moreover you can just click through nicely drawn and sometimes even anmated manga porn and erotic themed CG scenes and simply to enjoy them! Play now »

Grunt: Perverted tales 2

This is one extra elementary game which you might even call a pair of animated scenes with only a few interactive features but the less it is going to be one of the very exicting things whichyou have very likely seen because it won't only be anime porn themed however it is going to reveal the fantasy of many many guys from all around the world - just two delicious and by all means agreeable looking housewives are going to team up to attract the principal character the greatest pleasure he ever had! However, what exactly they'll do is something that is significantly better to see by yourself and if bang-out isn't enough motivation then you will also see few funny moments as well as some mysterious elements added to this not long but certainly fairly fun animation! Play now »