Alien Abduction

One stud has took his girlfriend on a small journey outside of the town with fairly clear purpose - so they could finally have some private time in the car. What could go wrong in such ordinary and proven to be operating strategy? Abduction by alien - that is what! What's the reason of such act is somethng that you're supposed to see by yourself so we won't be telling anything more about the story of this not long animation but what we could tell you for sure is that if you always thought that aliens are a lot of kinky dudes with hi-tech fucktoys then you're not so far from the truth (according to events of the entirely fictional and by all means funny plot ofcourse and all the resemblence with any aliens or at least boys and gals making out inside their cars are accidental... just in case). Play now »

Grunt: Perverted tales 2

This is one extra elementary game which you might even call a pair of animated scenes with only a few interactive features but the less it is going to be one of the very exicting things whichyou have very likely seen because it won't only be anime porn themed however it is going to reveal the fantasy of many many guys from all around the world - just two delicious and by all means agreeable looking housewives are going to team up to attract the principal character the greatest pleasure he ever had! However, what exactly they'll do is something that is significantly better to see by yourself and if bang-out isn't enough motivation then you will also see few funny moments as well as some mysterious elements added to this not long but certainly fairly fun animation! Play now »