Whoose badonka donk

In case if you are not familiar with the words used in the name of this game we have a simplier variation for you so that you may call this game because"Whose booty is that?" . This title also reflects the principal idea of this gameplay strategy as well - every round your job will be to guess to whome by selecting one of three choices, it belongs to and you will find a photograph of somebody amazing. Ofcourse these wonderful booties will be celeb booties - from Beyonce to Cameron Diaz and from Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Biel! But don't spend too much time loving the view because each round will have a time limit. After you will accomplish all phot-quiz testings you will get a final score and rankings. If you will attempt to replay the game the photos will remain the same so the only true results is the one you get during your first-ever walkthrough. Play now »

Geo Strip with Marta

This raven haired bombshell that you see right now is Marta. She's a sensual model so she will gladly disrobe down for you... but only in the event you can make her sexy enough! And how you're able to do this? Well, seems like Marta is truly into clever guys and first and foremost the individuals who are good at geography science. So she'll have a quiz for you - a single question and four answer choices. Each time you will give right answer you'll find less and less clothing on Marta. But your primary goal is to give 16 correct answers before the time limit of 60 2nd swill workout - in this situation you will not only get acces to her disrobe picture gallery but in addition will see that a bonus video clip! Also she is fairly generous on efforts - you're permitted to create 10 mistakes before she'll send you back to college! And one more thing - tonight's main theme is world capitals Play now »