Little Red Riding Ho

Little Red Riding Ho is to Grandma 's home on the road from east side of the woods. But she has been discovered by Wolf the PIMP. The way to read this interactive story is to click on what (especially boobs) and see exactly what it will. There are particular things you have to activate before it is possible to flip the page (like boobs). Play now »

Abduction 4 – Amanda – The 4th Day

Continuation of the history of Amanda's abduction. Four afternoon as Amanda is from the clutches of a perverted guy. A set of kidnappers brings Amanda to the house of a gentleman who is very fond of torment. To start with, he requests the kidnappers to remove a dust bag in Amanda's head. Then these men embark twisting Amanda's nips in different directions, then spanking Amanda within the hooters and wriggling over her hairy cunt. Amanda sobs to get anguish and abjection. But this is simply the start of her sexual abuse. Saving a few seconds these men embark fucking Amanda in the mouth and cootchie. They prefer to rape youthfull damsels at once in all crevices. Amanda will be abased. Learn what happened . Utilize a triangle that would change the scene and mouse to interact with the game items. Play now »