HiLo Card Game

HiLo is a brief version of"higher-lower" - the card game in which both you and your rival will have to suppose will another card variant the deck be higher or lower in it's worth than the previous one. If you guessed correct and yoru enemy did not then you have won the round and your prize will be one of your enemy's clothes part... but did we said that your rival is extremely adorable, sweet and sexy looking chick? That's right - that will be a card game! So try to keep your head in the game if you want to undress down this hotty completely because evry time you will lose the round she will get her clotehs back on. There won't be too many of levels however it is compensated with few different ladies which you can choose as your enemy if you done disrobing one gal

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Geo Strip with Marta

How smart you are on Geography? Marta is a hot brunette and she would like to check your Geo skills. Answer questions as possible and you will get to see the bonus movie, if you receive in 60 seconds.

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